Ignite Changes

Dear parents and carers,

You will know that over the past few months we have been running Ignite as a joint group on a Sunday evening, at times allowing the boys and the girls to have separate spaces. This format has worked really well giving us the best of both options (single sex and mixed groups) and we plan to continue running Ignite in this way. However from January, we will be changing the day the group meets.

Our other faith groups, Kickstart (5 – 10 year olds), and Fuel (15 –18 year olds) have both met on Wednesdays for several years, so to fit in with that rhythm we are moving Ignite to the same day. This will mean that all three groups will meet on Wednesdays at the Wickbourne Centre, making the transitions for our children and young people easier in years to come.

Ignite will still run 7 – 8.30pm each week with our first evening on 14th January 2015. The programme will be 1 hour of content (7 – 8pm) and 30 minutes of social time at the end (8 – 8.30pm) which will crossover with Fuel allowing for better relationships and transition with the older group.

We appreciate that this change may cause some inconvenience or disruption initially, and apologise for any confusion. However we believe doing this now will have a positive long-term impact for our young people.

Ignite will continue to run as usual on alternate Sunday mornings from 11th January.

As always, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Many thanks,

Ben Young

Youth Worker