The following people celebrate their birthdays this week: Trish Murphy, Stephen Chitty, Flix Gillett, Ethan Scott, Jo Williams, Jon Jolly and Rich Lush. Happy birthday everybody!

Andy Kerr is looking from someone to help lead worship at two Sunday morning services in Ford Prison on 30th November and 28th December. If you are able to help contact Andy on 07889 490000 or

Macaulay Larbey writes to us from Mariager Højskole Bible School in Denmark:

100 Days of Pain and Gain

So, I have been here for one hundred days now, and I want to update you.

It is so overwhelming here, the people, the culture, the teaching, the place. I’ve already spent a weekend in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, using my gift of worship. It was such a privilege to do that, just as some of you may know, “From Wick to the World”. Yeah, that’s where I’m going!

The time here so far has been a crazy ride, there have been tears, there have been smiles, there have been times of anger, the process is so much more difficult than I ever thought, this is really a building time of body and soul.

I can’t lie because that would be a sin, I’ve had many times where I have wanted to come home, many times where I just want to leave and “be comfortable” and then I remind myself: God wants me to be uncomfortable. It’s something we don’t like very much as humans, but God just longs for us to step out. I’m stepping out, I’m longing for more of God.

I also had a feeling recently, you know when you get that fire in your stomach and God just stirs something in you? It was one of those, I want to see a revival in our community, in our churches, in our homes, in our country. We need a revival, and we need to be on the hill holding the cross.

We need more troublemakers in this land! If we didn’t have troublemakers, there would still be a racial divide, slavery. We are dealing with so much in the world right now, modern slavery, poverty, illness, battles, but we need to step out and win the war. Instead of putting culture into the gospel let’s put the gospel into culture!

That’s all. Please keep praying for me, I miss you all lots. See you soon, love, Macaulay.