Knit for Africa Thanks

We received the following message from Knit for Africa after sending a recent shipment of knitted goods, comprising 14 blankets, 129 beanies and 23 cardigans.

“What a bumper bundle of goodies for the babies we support in Kenya and Uganda. The garments were lovely, and the blankets with embroidery on them were just so wonderful. The babies and their families will feel so loved and cared for and they will wear, cherish and value all the garments you sent.

Please pass on our thanks to all members of your church who have worked so hard, assure them they will have made many babies very happy.

We greatly appreciate the cheque which will give a big boost to our shipping fund and so help us to continue with the Mama Bag programme, which is an important part of the whole Hospital and clinic scheme.

We value your help and support in every way. With grateful thanks and all good wishes.”