Bonfire Procession

The Bonfire Procession is tomorrow evening (Saturday 25th October) and it’s our opportunity to be a real presence in Littlehampton’s biggest event.  Please consider walking with the float even if you haven’t helped make any of the props – we’d love you to come and take part. Please meet at Littlehampton Baptist Church between 6 – 6.30pm. Wear dark or animal print clothing, or an animal onesie, or anything you feel comfortable walking in!  We need people to carry the collection buckets, hand out flyers and sweets and hold the banner, as well as carrying the puppets, so there’s something for everyone.

If you don’t think you or a family member could make it the whole way round, you could arrange to swap with somebody part way along the route.  There will be plenty of opportunities to hand over the props/buckets and we understand it can be a long time for some people.

Help is also needed tomorrow morning to make the ark, finish making a few animals, to make cups of tea for the workers and dress the float. Please come to Wickbourne at 10am if you can help.

Immediately after the carnival help in disassembling the float at Wickbourne would be appreciated.  Help will also be needed on Sunday, straight after church, to help take all the bonfire animals to the tip!  If anyone can help take off all the lights then load up a car and deposit at the tip, it would be very much appreciated. Alternatively, if anyone would like to give an animal a home, they would be very welcome.

Contact Fliss Jay and Claire Jones if you have any questions.