People News

This Sunday we say goodbye to the following people:

Macaulay Larbey is off to Bible College in Denmark for 10 months, leaving on Sunday, 17th August. We wish you all the best in Denmark Mac, you go with our blessing and we look forward to hearing great things from you!

Jenny & Adrian Oliver and Esther & Andy May have been visiting from Thailand for the past few weeks and return this Sunday & Monday respectively. It’s been great having you all over and we wish God’s continued blessing on your work in Thailand.

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Laura Smale, Georgie Bunbury, Aaron Wade, Judah Fuller, David Thatcher, Carolina Gisbey, Sandy Newman, Levi Sanderson & Dominic Crowe (18).  Happy birthday everyone!

There are lots of people on holiday at the moment. The Church Office is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm as usual, but due to lunch and other breaks being taken, there may be times when the phone isn’t picked up, or there’s nobody to answer the door. Please be patient with us!