Christians in Iraq

An offering was taken last Sunday for Christians fleeing violence and persecution in Iraq. Thanks to your generosity we have so far raised £1676.07 which we have sent to Open Doors  from whom we have received this reply:

Dear Friends at Arun Community Church

Thank you so much for your kind gift to provide emergency relief for displaced believers in Iraq.

Thousands have fled places like Mosul to escape violence and intimidation from ISIS extremists, and continue to flood into the north of Iraq. Gifts like yours are enabling us to provide Christian families with essential items like food, water, and blankets – many have left their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Your support will encourage young women like Raja*, who is helping to run the relief program for refugees. She comes from Mosul but has been living in the safer north for a few years. “The situation for Christians in Mosul was already bad when I was still living there, but the stories that I hear from the refugees are really horrifying,” she told us. “I hear that people around the world are praying for us and supporting us. To those people I want to say: thank you.”

So thank you for enabling us to ensure Iraqi Christians get what they need. Please continue to pray for Raja, for God’s protection and provision for displaced Christians in Iraq, and for an end to the bloodshed and instability in the region.

This year we are doing everything we can to say: enough is enough. It’s time the church, government – everyone – woke up to extreme persecution, wherever it is found. Thank you once again for your prayers and the practical support you’ve given to our persecuted brothers and sisters. May God bless you as you have blessed others.

It’s not too late to give. Donations may be given this Sunday. Please identity your gift accordingly (cheques payable to Arun Community Church).