Staff Changes

Two months ago we invited a Christian lady, who has worked with leaders and churches and is currently a consultant with BP, to come and carry out an audit on us as an organisation. We wanted to make sure we were working in the best way possible. She highlighted, and the Core Team were in agreement, that to employ a Business Manager would be a positive step forward.

The main role of the Business Manager would be to translate the vision of the Church practically and to make sure we are working in a joined-up way. They would oversee the business in both Church and Wickbourne.

Jon Jolly has been heading up the youth and children’s work for some years but we have recognised his growing love and natural ability for the business side of things and that he is already doing a lot of the business management. We asked him if he would consider this role, and we interviewed him on Thursday. We were delighted to offer him the job.

This does have a few implications, firstly for our youth and children’s teams. These teams have been developed into a place where less management is now required, but Jon will continue to be a support as and when needed. We do not intend to replace Jon’s current role at this moment in time.

Secondly it means that David Thatcher will be stepping down from managing the Wickbourne Centre as from 1st October 2014. David has done an amazing job in managing the Centre for nearly 4 years and we thank him so much for his love, care and commitment.

Jon will start in his new role on 1st July 2014. We are excited about this next season in Church life and value your prayers and support.  Please do let the Core Team know if you have any questions.