People News

Margaret Beech writes: Peter came home from hospital 5 days earlier than expected and is doing well, although still in a lot of pain.  The operation was a total success and his recovery in hospital exceeded all expectations.  We would like to say a very big thank you to all who have so faithfully stood with us in the last months and will do so in the long recovery ahead.  Most of all we say thanks to our amazing Heavenly Father for his faithfulness to us, his wonderful healing power and his indescribable peace which we have experienced in abundance.

Averil Hopwell sends the following message: Thank you so much all you dear people for your continued love and support to me as I get back to being healthy again. You have really blessed me and may God bless you back!! Thank you again.

Norman Barnes is being interviewed by Jeff Lucas on Premier Radio at 8pm on Sunday (22nd) evening.  It’s an hour long show interspersed with music and should make interesting listening. If you can tune in that would be great!

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Annie Payne (65!), Lynda Hubbard, Vicki Race, Abi Parvin, Tash Debnam, Tasha O’Connor, Tristan Taplin, Steve WestDaisy Dineen. Happy birthday everyone!