Averil Hopwell would like to thank everyone for their love and support during her recent stay in hospital: ‘Thank you so much, I really appreciate you all.’

Abi Race will be selling bags of sweets for 50p this Sunday 16th March in TLA Atrium; fundraising for her trip to Romania in July.

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Dan Keen, Kamran Khan, Anna Osborne, Julia Kaski, Graham Bruford, Finn Jones, Mia Reynolds, Beth Gisbey, Pat West, Jacob May, David West and Jill Bruford. Happy birthday everyone!

Mike & Pat Jones, Laurie Mellor and Chris Staight recently travelled to India for 12 days. Mike writes:

We first went to Kolkata and met up with Richard Tongper, his wife and colleagues in ministry, with whom there has been a long term connection with many in ACC. They came down from Shillong in north east India and we spent time with them, encouraging them in their ministry and seeking ways as to how best to support them and build for the future.

Next we flew down to Chennai where we met Jochen Tewes, a German (married to a very gifted Indian lady, Johshy), who founded Inter Mission 40 years ago and now in retirement are doing as much as ever, promoting vocational & spiritual training through the establishment of Community Colleges. I first met Jochen in 1992 as part of a team of businessmen led by Norman Barnes – how the years fly by!

We then headed further south to visit our friends Dr. Anbu Rajan and family and colleagues at the Peace Trust charity which runs many projects in the Tirunelveli District, including the school which Pat’s grandparents founded over 100 years ago and also the hospital. ACC has previously given financially to improve the buildings at the school and to buy an Ultra Sound Scanner for the hospital. Anbu visited us in the UK a few years ago but this was Laurie & Chris’ first visit to the deep south. It was a good time visiting people and places and old & new contacts, there are always new things to learn and discover. 

Whilst Pat and I stayed on to spend time with Anbu, Laurie and Chris went on to Bangalore to meet new contacts and experienced a sense of oneness of mind and spirit which could well benefit other relationships in and outside India.

We have all experienced much and need this to settle in our minds and spirits – there are many possibilities for the future, so pray as we feedback to the church leadership (and

consider if you could be involved beyond the boundaries of West Sussex). It’s not all church meetings – Chris did a cricket coaching session with the boys at the school!

We would be happy to share further! Thanks for your prayers.