People News

Our Senior Leader Becca Jupp is speaking to the  Revs (Revelation Church) Youth Leaders on Friday 21st Feb evening and to Chanctonbury Churches (Washington & Ashington) on Sunday 23rd February morning.

Congratulations to: Amy & Jonny Arkinstall on the birth of their baby daughter, Holly Grace, and Bex Groves who has passed her driving test.

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Bruce Gazzard, Jessica Oliver, Audrey Buckland, Karen Green, Huey Parkin, Mollie May (18) & Philip Martinez. Happy Birthday everyone!

Mike & Pat Jones, Laurie Mellor and Chris Staight are visiting India for 12 days. They start in Calcutta and join long time friends Richard & Belle Tongper, Wakiru Kyndiah & Mynried Kyndiah who will have travelled from Shillong.  They then move on to Chennai to meet Jochen & Joshey Tewes of Intermission, then travel south to Tirunelveli to meet more long time friends, Dr Anburajan and his wife Beaulah who respectively run a hospital and a school under the banner of Peace Trust. which Dr Anbu founded in 1997. Laurie & Chris will then divert off for Bangalore to visit and further the relationship with Dr Ricky Gnanakan and Acts Institute and they all finally meet up at Dubai Airport to come home on the same plane.

Please pray for us for protection, bodily and spiritually, as we travel along old paths and also pastures new.  We really value your prayer supporting us as we go in response to God’s call to further the Kingdom of God. Please pray that we take the Presence of God with us and that we will flow in wisdom, discernment, and so importantly love and sensitivity.  We have several important meetings and we wish to hear the heart of God very clearly as we share, encourage and pray together.  Please pray for our health and practical needs with flights being on time and luggage arriving with us! Thank you all wonderful friends.  Mike Pat, Laurie & Chris  For more details of the itinerary, contact the Church Office.

Nathan Lock writes:
You may have been wondering where I’ve been for the last few months. Back in August/September I felt God wanted me to move on, but I wasn’t quite sure where or how. As some of you may know, many years back I helped out with the worship at All Saints Wick for what I thought would be just 1 year and ended up staying about 3! During my 20+ years at ACC  I have travelled playing keyboard in worship with Rich Hubbard, Doug Horley, Ishmael and Shane Rootes and all the while I continued popping in a few times a year to lead worship at All Saints and some other churches, but very much felt that Arun Community Church was my home.
While seeking what God wanted next, I visited All Saints in October. They were having to sing to backing track CD’s so the vicar made an appeal asking for musicians to help lead the music. “Was it just coincidence or God’s timing?” I wondered.  A couple of weeks later I returned to lead worship there and afterwards it felt like nearly every person came up and thanked me and asked if I would come and do it regularly. So I spoke to Becca and said that I felt I should return there for a season, subject to my daughter Olivia feeling at home there too, as this was also very important to me. Well, Olivia has settled in very well there and I have enjoyed being a part of what God is doing at All Saints, we already now have 2 other people leading worship and are now training up the young people to do it as well.
So 3 months on, it looks like I am at All Saints to stay for the time being. I’m still just around the corner and  shall pop in occasionally to see how you are all doing and I would love it if you would pray for me & Olivia as we seek what God has planned for us next.