Changes for this Sunday!

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year. We are really excited about meeting together on Sunday at the start of our prayer week.

However we have just heard that because of storm damage to the TLA building it is going to be impossible for us to meet there on Sunday. The leadership team are really keen that we should meet together so we will make the best of making things work by meeting at the Wickbourne centre at the usual time of 10.30. There will be standing room only in the chapel with the cafe being used as a seated overflow area.

If you are able to walk to Wickbourne,  or alternatively park some distance away to minimise traffic congestion for our neighbours that would be greatly appreciated.

Please would you pass this message around to anyone you know, particularly those who don’t have the Newsletter emailed and those not on Facebook. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday,  Love Becca and the team