Rob’s Christmas Gig

I have a Christmas gig at The Dolphin on Sunday 15th Dec, 1 – 3pm.  I’d love to fill the place with the message of Christmas and it would be great if we could make a special effort to be there.  I appreciate there’s a lot on this time of year,  although that’s partly the reason I want to really plug it, so we don’t let the landlady down and provide a good crowd for her.  Besides that, Christmas is an excellent time to be more overt with content and where we’re coming from, so a good presence from ACC would be fantastic.

If you can’t make all of it then just come for a quick pint or coke for a while (although I’d recommend the excellent food).  I plan for us to do some carol singing together as well from about 2 o’clock.

(NB – Those involved in ACC Christmas Special rehearsals – this unavoidably clashes, but if you’d like to try to be at both have a chat with Flix Gillett who will try to be as flexible as possible to allow people to come to the gig).  A merry Christmas one and all! Rob Newey