Christmas Day Offering

It’s not too late to give to Christmas Day offering which this year is going to Palmyra Relief in Syria. At present, more than 1 million Syrian children are living in exile outside of Syria — having left behind their homes, schools, and sometimes even families. These children often have nothing more than the clothing on their backs, and many have arrived in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, or Europe with serious injuries. Millions more children remain in Syria, where food, medical care, vaccines, education — and basic safety — are all in short supply.

Half of Syria’s 30,000 doctors have fled the country, leaving behind a shattered medical system to cope with illness, and the hundreds of thousands of desperate injuries that have resulted from the ongoing conflict.

Among the most heartbreaking of the injuries are the Syrian children and teenagers — both in Syria, and in exile — who have lost limbs as a result of bombings. These children have often had crude amputations to save their lives, and many lost siblings, parents, friends and other relatives in the bombings that took their own limbs. Injured and traumatized, they face a daunting battle to rebuild their lives. Some are babies or toddlers, and in some ways, while that pulls at our hearts, it may be easier for the youngest of children to adjust. But the older children have to deal not only with the physical pain and disability, but also the anger, the loss, and a sense that the future has been stolen from them.

Palmyra Relief is raising funds – and coordinating the donation of used prosthetic limbs — to help give these children at least some of their future back — by fitting them with prosthetic limbs, and providing the rehabilitation and counselling support so needed by these children.  Please give generously. For more information about Palmyra Relief, click here