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Averil Hopwell, had her ankle straightening operation on Monday 25th Nov and by the evening she was sitting up in bed and eating. Her niece Jackie Reach, visited and said she was doing ok – having just had a long operation and full anaesthetic. Averil has asked Pat Jones to liaise her visitors so that she doesn’t get inundated all at once; if you wish to visit please liaise with Pat so we can space out her visitors so she gets her needed rest.

She is at present in Worthing Hospital in Clapham Ward. We do not know how long she will be in, and she will not be allowed to her put her foot to the floor for at least 4 weeks, and may well be given convalescence, – but no one knows when or for how long.

Visiting hours are strict – 3pm-5pm and then 6.30-8pm – two visitors max at a time. Averil has requested that visitors stay for a max of 30mins, with a similar break between. Averil wants to thank everyone for their love and prayers before and during her operation. Please continue to pray for her against hospital infections and that her newly broken bones (to straighten ankle) mend correctly and speedily and with freedom of pain. Also that her after care is organised properly and thoughtfully by the Hospital staff.

Contact Pat Jones: text, email, phone call – 07746 741108,, 01903 734072.

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