Thanksgiving Sunday

We are celebrating Thanksgiving on Sunday 13th October and we will be welcoming Dan (who is speaking to us) & Kathryn Slatter and their 3 children Ethan, Erin & Jaime from Revelation Church in Chichester.

We will also be welcoming family and friends of Flix and Maryann Gillett as they bring Bramwell for dedication during the morning meeting.

We would love everyone to be involved and will, as in previous years, be collecting items for the Littlehampton Larder. See below for suitable donations. We also invite you to bring home grown flowers and produce – whilst these are not suitable for the Larder, and will not be collected after the meeting, you may like to give them away on the morning to bless somebody.  We further invite you to bring anything you have made, drawn, knitted, painted, etc. as an acknowledgement of your God given creativity, again, to either give away to bless another or to take home afterwards.

Please Note: Originally we asked you to bring your things early enough for them to be displayed – this has now changed and there will be time during a song to bring your offerings to the front.

Suitable items for the Larder: Long life cartons of milk, teabags, coffee, cereals, tins of meat – i.e. curry, hotdogs, meatballs, stews, minced beef, corned beef, tins of fish, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, tins of fruit, tins of rice pudding, tins and packets of custard, tins of vegetables, tins of tomatoes, tins of potatoes and packets of mash, jam, tins of soup and soup meals, tins of beans and spaghetti, cuppa soup and noodles, sugar, squash and fruit juice, toilet rolls, soap, toothpaste and razors.