People News

Macaulay Larbey is selling cakes in the Atrium after Sunday morning’s meeting to raise money to attend a Bible School in Denmark.

Congratulations to Simon & Sonia Barber who celebrate their 30th (Pearl) wedding anniversary this week.

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Eloise Jolly, Tracy Scott (40), Toby Harsant, Sol Yates, Daniel Watson, Rachel Croucher, Sam Leggatt and Holly Harsant (21).  Happy birthday everyone!

Jenny Hayes is now home from hospital. She’s still very weak but is on the mend. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Heather Buckton has moved house – see Heather or contact the Church Office if you’d like her new address.

Our condolences to Marion Wilson whose mother died last week. We send our love to Marion and the family.

Message from Dave & Jeanette Sax: “We have enjoyed our time at ACC but both of us feel called to go to All Saints church in Littlehampton.   We’ve made some good friends and we’ll miss you lots and our lovely pod group. Please pray God would help us settle and find the role he has for us at All Saints as we pray God’s continued blessing on all you do at ACC .  We’re sure our paths will continue to cross as we all build God’s church in Littlehampton in different ways. Lots of love. Dave & Jeannette xxx”