Chris Lush is going to Malawi with a Links group on from Sunday 6th – Sunday 20th October. She’ll be travelling to various villages to give nutrition training and would value your prayers for good health, good conversations and safety.

The following people celebrate their birthday this week: Rich Fuller, Miriam Gisbey, Lorna Bowyer, Zac Croucher, Lydia Horne, Diane White, Promise Sanderson, Martin Leggatt, Jessie Wong (18) & Tony Woodcock (70). Belated birthday greetings to Simon Moss (how could we forget him?) Happy birthday everyone!

As some of you may know, I plan to spend a year out in Denmark studying discipleship and worship.  I need to raise around £2,500 in the next 11 months.  After going to Denmark in April I really felt God saying to me that this is the next step of my journey and that I should go for it. My first fundraiser is my ‘Week in a Onsie’ and it starts on Sunday 6th October, so if you would like to sponsor me I’ll be around at church and throughout the week at Fuel etc.  Macaulay Larbey

Today we welcome Paula Orr into membership of the Church here.