Vision Day

Next Sunday, 22nd September, is our Vision Day. During the morning meeting we will be hearing from Becca and members of the Core Team about their vision for the Church for this coming year. It’s Kickstart Sunday. Kickstart and Mini Kickstart  will be in their groups until midday and will then join us for a time of worship. Ignite will go to their group straight after the Vision presentation.

Following the morning meeting we will share lunch together. There will be a hog roast (with a vegetarian option) followed by dessert for £2.50 per head (please bring food for young children and babies who won’t eat hog!). When you arrive at church next Sunday, there will be a place to buy your meal tickets before the meeting begins, and straight afterwards, so please come prepared with cash, preferably. Tea and coffee will be served as usual straight after the meeting.

We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to stay and share lunch together.