People News

The following people celebrate their birthdays this week:  Posie Lyle, Paige Leggatt, Tina Oakes, Andy Lush, Louise Gilham, Oliver Grace, Nicki Parkin, Cindy Main, Matt Pollard, Sally Gray, Jenny Hayes & Simon Osborne.  Happy birthday everyone!

Geoff Philpott writes: “My 60th birthday is approaching (yes I know I look younger!) and I have arranged a open door, drop in, and say hi evening on 1st August from 6pm at The Dolphin, Littlehampton, to whoever would like to drop in.”

We are sad to announce that Ernie Roberts from St Bridget’s Nursing Home died on 7th July.  Ernie was picked up and brought along every Sunday by Ann Quittenton, and will be greatly missed by those who knew him.  We will post details about the funeral as and when we receive them.