People News

The following people celebrate their birthday this week:  Kathy Jones, Rebecca Rumens, Brenda Thomas and Kora Debnam.  Zack Sanderson, Summer Dineen & George Parvin all celebrate their 18th birthdays this week.

Congratulations to Rosie Jupp who passed her driving test this week!

Mike and Chrissy Roddham have asked to become committed members of ACC.  They write: “We have been Christians for several years. For the last 3 years we have been drawn to Littlehampton, and feel this town is now our spiritual home. We would like to become members of AC.C. We agree most heartily with the ethos of the church and want in! “

Joe & Carolina Gisbey and the family have been back from Colombia for 3 months now.  The leaders invited Joe to join them in the Core Team meetings throughout June and this has worked really well so we would like it to continue and will review it again in September. Becca

Jessie Wong, Roberto Agrela and Toby Roddham are on a CRED trip to Rwanda with Paul Sanderson, TLA Chaplain.  They return 8th July.