How does our character grow? How do we develop this container for the spirit?

Character growth can feel elusive. Bouncing out of the latest conference, we are full of determination for fresh discipline and better relationships. Then Monday comes with its mundane requirements, difficult boss, grey skies and enforced compromises, and before we know it we’ve not only failed in some of our promises but we seem to have taken a step back with some added cynicism or resignation.

The issue here is not what happens – that’s life, but rather how we think about it. We do not develop ourselves in the same way we develop a business plan or a project. It’s not linear. Character growth is seasonal with winters and summers where bits of us die away and then burst into life again with new strength.

ONE STEP FORWARD is about learning how to take ground steadily in our development as we push toward a vision for our lives. Using psychology and creative exercises, you will learn some other ways to think about how you grow as a person.

It will be facilitated by the team from Cantle, which is a Leadership Development Consultancy working predominantly with the boards of multinational organisations. Cantle is based in the Highlands of Scotland on the beautiful banks of Loch Tay.

£20 Standard Ticket / £15 Concessions

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